Perhaps This Female Condom Shall Be Anything Other Than a Vibrating Vagina-Liner

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A Michigan-based condom organization known as IXu LLC — which boasts of holding the entire world’s biggest number of patents for shield contraceptives — has a wearable-tech product for ladies, the
VA w.o.w.
Presently awaiting Food And Drug Administration endorsement, this inner female condom has a vibrating star- or heart-shaped ring that at the same time prevents the case from dropping by itself within you, and allegedly gives a lady to climax (approximately states a research covered by the manufacturers.).

Below are a few concerns We have your staff behind the VA w.o.w.

1. Is a reusable condom that needs to be recharged anything we really desire?

2. Does the person threat electrocution?

3. will it be dishwasher safe?

4. had been this vibrating vagina-liner developed by a man or by a female?

5. Is it supposed to reduce males on the burden of female climax?

6. Is this only a dick band for males just who feel timid about dressed in them?

7. perform the bands are available sizes, to accommodate different girths?

8. Will it harm him?

9. Can the effectiveness of vibration end up being adjusted?

10. are you aware title generally seems to much better match a Virginia-based warcraft league?

11. really, exactly why is it punctuated that way?

12. Are we giving up?

We await your reply.

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